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Capsulate Chair



Enjoy the ultimate in luxurious relaxation with the Opatra Capsulate Chair that provides a restorative full body massage right at home.

The deluxe massage chair features 50 layers of pulsating-style airbags that push, knead, press, and squeeze just like human hands on the shoulders, back, waist, legs, and feet.

Three rollers under the feet and wraparound airbags help ease pressure and tension. Graphene heat at the back, waist and legs heats up fast to relax muscles.

A variety of massage programs can be controlled using a 10.1-inch touchscreen or the quick control buttons on the armrest. A Zero Gravity setting provides a neutral position where the feet are slightly higher than the head to evenly distribute body weight and reduce pressure on the spine and joints.

The multi-function massage chair also features built-in stereo speakers for surround sound from any portable device connected by Bluetooth and has a USB port as well as a wireless receptacle for charging devices.

The capsulate chair can do an AI body scan to identify body size and provide the best massage. Bring modern luxury and healing to your home with this full-featured capsulate massage chair from Opatra.


- 50 Layers of pulsating-style airbags located at the shoulders, back, waist, legs, and feet
- Graphene ultrafast heat located at the back, waist, and legs heats up to 45° – 50° C
- 3 Rollers at feet and wraparound airbags for reflex foot massage
- Multiple choreographed massage settings to target sore areas
- Versatile massage settings mimic human hands for kneading, knocking, squeezing, and shiatsu massage techniques
- AI body scan can identify body size for best massage results
- Upper and lower mechanism can sync for full body massage
- Massage chair and footrest recline
- Built-in surround sound stereo speakers can connect to devices with Bluetooth
- USB port and wireless receptable for charging devices
- 10.1” Touchscreen and quick control buttons on armrest can change chair settings
- 5cm Wall clearance required for back of chair


Reversing Décolleté Ageing the Light Way

OPATRA Dermineck incorporates ground breaking anti-ageing technology, combining high speed massage, light therapy and heating system, into a single hand-held device.

The device works through a smart vibration technology to relax neck muscles and help target areas of loose skin, eliminating fine lines, achieving firmer and smoother skin around the neck, shoulders and other parts of the body.

The Dermineck device can be used on the delicate skin of your neck or can be applied to the nape and shoulders. In addition to smoothing your skin, it can also help alleviate pain in the sensitive neck and shoulder areas.- 5cm Wall clearance required for back of chair



Enjoy brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin with the OPATRA Cleanlift device. The ultrasonic exfoliator provides a deep cleaning, removing blackheads, whiteheads, impurities, and dirt to refresh your skin and enable serums and moisturisers to penetrate for better results.

With a 24K gold-plated spatula, the device features two modes – Clean and Lift. In ‘Clean’ mode, ultrasonic vibrations work to push out dirt and oil and remove dead skin cells to effectively exfoliate the skin. Switch it to ‘Lift’ mode to stimulate circulation and tone your facial muscles to revitalize and smooth your skin.

Experience silky and healthy skin with an ultrasonic spa experience right in your own home with the OPATRA Cleanlift device. Make it part of your skincare routine for a glowing and radiant appearance.


- Reduces the appearance of large pores
- Unclogs dirt and oil
- Lifts to achieve firmer skin
- Helps to penetrate serums and oils
- Extracts blackheads and whiteheads
- Removes dead skin and impurities
- Deeply exfoliates for smoother skin
- Two functions – Lift and exfoliate
- 24K Gold Plated Spatula
- Sleek and functional design



The OPATRA Dermisystem is a complete solution that combines the latest technologies.



Dermisteam turns water and other water-based liquid skin care products into nano-sized particles. This technology enables the spray to permeate the surface of the skin to hydrate, sooth and nourish deeper layers.

A light misting and blotting can revive your face, or refresh your make-up during the day.

Dermisteam can be used both pre and post make-up application. Locking in the benefits of face mist with a moisturiser provides a perfect canvas on which to apply make-up, or you can mist after applying your powder to achieve a dewy complexion and keep your make-up looking fresh all day.


Say goodbye to the bags under your eyes!

OPATRA DermiEye is a unique device that helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes. Its unique ION technology operates with your own skin current to help creams absorb into the skin. At the same time, the vibration massage stimulates blood circulation to the eye area and helps regenerate skin cells.

Opatra DermiEye uses smart sensor technology to provide massaging treatments to your eye area.

- Lightweight, slim and portable
- Battery operated, can be carried anywhere
- Smart touch sensor

Lifetime warrantyDermisteam can be used both pre and post make-up application. Locking in the benefits of face mist with a moisturiser provides a perfect canvas on which to apply make-up, or you can mist after applying your powder to achieve a dewy complexion and keep your make-up looking fresh all day.



Roll away the years using patented technology, and used by the beauty, medical and aesthetic skincare professionals. The frozen, medical grade surgical steel CryoFace is used when frozen to provide an invigorating facial and body massage, which cools the skin and excites cryo-microcirculation. While beneficial on its own, this unique effect also allows other Opatra skincare products to better penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.

This product can be used to dramatically improve the appearance of skin by improving oxygen level, which in turn promote new skin cell growth.
This product is gentle enough that it can be applied to both the face and body, targeting painful areas for immediate relief.

- Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.
- Production of collagen resulting in fuller, more youthful and beautiful rejuvenated skin.
- Puffiness around the eyes is significantly reduced or eliminated
- Pores on the face and neck are reduced in size, limiting the intake of toxins, dirt and grime.
- Benefits are lymphatic system, flushing away built up toxins, soothe inflammation and irritation, removing puffiness and redness.
- Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis can be relieved.
- Metabolic rate increases. Endorphin levels are stimulated. You can see the reduction of lines, puffiness and a clearer skin colour.

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