Beautiful skin means wearing less make up so that your skin can shine through

The Opatra Story

Opatra is a British Brand internationally acclaimed for their customer-orientated approach and global prominence in the skincare industry. Opatra's contemporary way of perceiving beauty and skincare has allowed them to incorporate cutting-edge technology for deeply nourishing skincare products. Since 2010 Opatra has created a unique and versatile range of products and devices that are ideal for all skin types. Opatra's effective products are used by professionals in beauty salons, spas, and aesthetics clinics.

As beauticians we acknowledge that eye-catching skin is a result of proper skincare. Opatra products are specifically formulated for daily skincare and can be used to correct the damage of harsh environmental aggressors and help the signs of ageing.

Our Mission in South Africa

Our vision is to be a one stop luxury retailer targeted at industry professionals, and discerning salon owners. Award winning products, lifetime warranties, tailor made solutions and training with a designated consultant from our team.

Building positive business relationships is vital to our success. Our purpose as a stockist is to seek and improve the performance of our customers. Helping our clients to attain a competitive edge on factors other than price. Once we have established our productive relationship, we will ensure that you receive value, customer support and advice on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to meeting you!

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